Kendrick Lamar Names Earl Sweatshirt As His Favourite Artist Right Now | Music News


Yesterday, Compton’s finest rapper Kendrick Lamar made a rare appearance on Social Media. Lamar took to Twitter to answer some questions from fans, looking to pick the brain of self-prophesied “man of mission“. When asked who his favourite rapper at the moment is, he answered “Earl Sweatshirt”. This comment comes in the same month that the Odd Future rapper Sweatshirt has commented about the lack of effective journalism in describing Kendrick’s To Pimp A Butterfly album. Telling NPR Sound that most of music journalism was, “like s**t my mother told me not to do in like Grade 9“.


Earl’s frustration stems from his belief that journalism should go further in describing the overall artistic merit of Kendrick’s latest release. So, the question remains, could we get a collaboration between Earl’s self-produced minimalist sound aesthetic, and Kendrick’s updated retro G-Funk sound? Only time will tell. See the remainder of Kendrick’s Twitter Q&A, like his favourite track on To Pimp A Butterfly here.



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