Kenzo Unveils ‘La Collection Memento No. 4’ During Paris Fashion Week | Fashion News


The creative directors of KenzoCarol Lim and Humberto Leon – have created a new collection. Dubbed ‘La Collection Memento’, this line have been made to fill the gap between the fashion shows schedule in January and June. The pieces of the collection have been selected among Kenzo Takada‘s expansive archive, more precisely Takada’s 1992 men’s show of a hyperrealistic red or yellow tomato.


Humberto Leon explained that “We feel in our main collection, Carol and I are always talking about the future of the brand. Memento allows us to go back into the past and unabashedly bring out things we think are exciting and interesting, almost in their entirety and original form.”


The vegetal graphic is at the center of the capsule collection: tomatoes black, red and even green are printed on t-shirts. The tiger, which is one of the iconic symbols of the brand, is represented in a multitude of expressions on T-shirts, sweaters and shirts for men and women. Then, the brand also uses its ‘K’ as a motif on some skirts and dresses. To finish, the new gold and burgundy ‘running tiger’ motif is printed on shirts and shorts.


The campaign has been photographed by Campbell Addy in a fruit market decorated with baskets, knot bags and giant tomatoes. The models are Parisian artists and creators. You can see some of the pictures below.







The catwalk took place in Le Marais with 150 guests but the brand decided to break the fashion show format with a dance performance. Exceptionally, all the pieces of the capsule collection are ready to buy in stores and online as of February 28, the day after the show.



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