Kevin Mandry’s ‘Flowers of the Field’ @ White Bear Theatre – June 24 – July 13 | Events


Flowers of the Field is a brand new play that tells an old story. The story that unravels is the beautiful story of the search for the roots of English music through the nearly lost folk songs of England. It is being told in this new unique and extremely interesting play by Kevin Mandry, directed by David Cottis.


The play is one of pure class and will provide you with an evening of stunning and authentic music as well as a story that will stay with you long into the future. This play will be filled with the upmost talent and passion and deserves to be seen and recognised by as many people as possible. This stunning play is taking place at the White Bear Theatre in Kennington, from June 24 to July 13.


Flowers of the Field are also looking for support in their crowd funding campaign to make this amazing play happen, so if you are a fan of the arts then please support them here. If you support this crowd-funding campaign, you will get listed in the programme as a generous supporter of the play or you will get a signed copy of the beautiful show poster.


If you support them with a gift of £100 or more, they will guarantee all of the above plus a free ticket, programme, and glass of wine when you attend. For further information on the play and anything else you can check out their website and head here to get yourself a ticket here.



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