Kevin Miner And Jony Shelby Release New Single ‘Hometown’ | Music News


Texas musicians Kevin Miner and Jony Shelby have released a new track titled “Hometown”.


Kevin Miner is a 25 year old artist living in Austin, Texas. He began writing music as a teenager and started performing and releasing singles while attending Louisiana State University in 2016. His debut EP Long Story Short dropped on September 22, expanding on his experience with loss, recovery and nostalgia.


Miner has teamed up with Jony Shelby for “Hometown“, the lead track of the EP. The two artists met in Louisiana State University and created the track in Shelby’s bedroom studio. If we take a closer look at both artists, they have over 500,000 streams across platforms, and Jony Shelby is also celebrating his own recent solo releases.


Their track “Hometown” melt electronic and hip-hop, and it’s created something atmospheric. It’s a real collaboration with Miner rapping and Shelby sings for a more melodic vibe. They arrived to create this catchy vibe filled with hard hitting bars, impressive flow and a nostalgic chorus.


When I go back to my hometown / It’s like everything changed since when they knew us / Living life on our own now / Some of y’all still the same, we can’t all grow up / I go back to my hometown“, sings Shelby on the hook.


Listen to “Hometown” below:




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