Kicktracks And Kehard Release Soulful And Slow New Song ‘I Was Wrong’ | Music News


Kicktracks and Kehard shared their new song “I Was Wrong” with us recently. This lo-fi Hip Hop song is slow and soulful and reminds us how important it is to trust others and be honest to them and to oneself.


Kicktracks is a young beat maker and producer from Moscow, Russia. With his single “Midnight Lovers”, released back in 2018, he gained prominence as the song was listen to by over seven hundred thousand subscribers on Spotify alone. Kicktracks’ style is unique and chilled out due to his simplicity and languid nature.


The second part of this unique duo is the enigmatic vocalist and songwriter Kehard, form Batu, Indonesia. He is known from his song “Trust U”, a duet with Monty Datta, first released in 2019.


Their new collaboration “I Was Wrong” takes us to a new lo-fi universe, and it is gaining international popularity, with listeners from across Britain, Germany, USA and many more countries. With its slow and soulful vibes, the song is perfect to listen when you relax and think about life and relationships.


The general statement behind this incredible song is, that everybody has to make commitments in a relationship and has to admit mistakes instead of blaming others. Listening to Kicktracks and Kehards vocals bring calm and clarity and relaxation, check it out below.




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