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Back in 2014, the brand A.P.C, founded by Jean Touitou, collaborated with Kanye West. The collection was composed of classic pieces and neutral colors.


After the success of capsule collections with Kanye West in the past, A.P.C have now signed on for a new collaboration with another icon, the rapper Kid Cudi.


“After I heard the record, I felt he had something extremely strong but fragile at the same time,” Touitou said. “I, myself, happen to be a fragile person. I am fragile even if A.P.C. is strong. So I said, ‘Why don’t I try to reach out to him?’ He tried to reach out to me 10 years ago and I didn’t respond because I had no idea what I could do.”


The collaboration, called ‘Interaction #1’, is made of shimmering colors and is rather daring. Statement pieces make up this line. There is a cardigan which comes in a multi-colored cotton knit, a pair of red sneakers, another one stamped ‘cudder’, some printed t-shirts and jeans with ‘Dream on’ written on it.


This collection is the first installment of the ‘Interaction’ series. Indeed, the brand has the objective to collaborate with different notable figures across various creative industries.







The collection has been available in-store and on the A.P.C webstore since February 21.



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