Kid Cudi Confirms ‘Man On The Moon 3’ Is In The Works | Music News


Kid Cudi graced the Hip Hop world with his debut album, Man on the Moon, in 2009, and proceeded to do the same with his sophomore release, Man on the Moon II, the following year. Now, it has been confirmed that Cudi will finally give fans the third installment of the series, Man On The Moon 3, following hints and rumours since 2011. The projects he has released while fans were waiting for this third installment did not reach the same amount of critical acclaim as the series, after he headed into a new musical direction with WZRD, a rock band he created with record producer Dot da Genius.


Indicud and Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon were releases that followed, and once again, they failed to capture what made his first two albums so successful. It is a hope that Kid Cudi will pick up where he left off on his sophomore release and give fans the sequel they have been waiting for. It is, however, reassuring that he is getting the team who helped make his first two albums back together: Plain Pat, A-Trak, Emile Haynie and Dot da Genius. It was a public assembly on Twitter earlier this week, when Cudi announced that Pat, A-Trak, and Haynie would be back working with him on the album.



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