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Kim Jones, the man behind the team that worked on BTS custom-made tour outfits and David Beckham’s wedding dress at the grand wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, shows us his impressionable talent once again with his new Dior Men Autumn/Winter 2021 collection.


This time though, collaborating with creative American artist Kenny Scharf, whose work origins go back to New York’s fashion scene in the glorious days of 1979 and the art scenes of East Village in the 1980’s.


The duo outdid themselves by merging cultures such as pop and sci-fi together. For all astrological lovers, you will be pleasantly delighted to know that the duo incorporated the 12 Chinese zodiac signs into the show’s knits. The material used for these trendy designs were of traditional Chinese fabric, showing the dedication the duo have of delivering homage to Chinese heritage.


Yoon Ahn delivered an impressive array of jewellery pieces that complemented the designer collection splendidly, these well crafted accessories incorporated crystals jade and lapis lazuli within the design. Both of these stones are highly respected in Chinese culture, lapis being the symbol of the night sky and the home of the spirit of the gods and jade which is known for prosperity and good luck.


To make the show even more impressive, chrysanthemum flowers are reimagined into boutonnières and some even feature on the lucky models that walked the Dior fall runway show.


Kim Jones had the following to say on the lead up to Dior Men’s Fall 2021 collection, “People don’t want to think about the everyday at the moment. So I wanted to bring some fun – though that sounds like such a silly word. Some energy, some excitement“.


Check out some looks from the collection below:





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