Kim Kardashian To Receive CFDA’s Inaugural ‘Best Influencer’ Award | Fashion News


There’s no doubt in the way that Kim Kardashian has made her fame worth it. We can class her as a businesswoman: she has launched her own makeup line and perfume collection, clothing, merchandise and even emojis. And now she will be the first person receiving the CFDA Award for the Best Influencer.


The fashion Oscars are opening the category with some other popular awards like Best Designer with the objective to recognise the value of the work that people are doing online. As Women’s Wear Daily has reported, the main idea was from Tommy Hilfiger who said: “If you think about some influencers and how they’ve changed our industry, I think we should recognize it to them”.


And Steven Kolb, president of CFDA stated that the board agreed that Kim Kardashian was someone who has impressed the industry and has changed the way in which some brands introduce themselves. She has some big designers as friends and a very big influence in the global fashion world.


She has more than 100 million followers on Instagram and the relationship that she has with some designers has made her be able to wear designs and be the protagonist campaigns from the biggest brands.








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