Kimberly Peirce To Direct ‘This Is Jane’ For Amazon | Film News

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Kimberly Peirce To Direct ‘This Is Jane’ For Amazon | Film News


Kimberly Peirce has signed on to direct This Is Jane for Amazon, from a script written by Dan Loflin. The film will be produced by Josh Lesher‘s Le Grisbi Productions, and Peirce and Lesher have a history together, going back to 1999 and Peirce’s first film, the breakout hit Boys Don’t Cry, which earned Hilary Swank a Best Actress Oscar.


Since then, Peirce has established herself as both a writer and director on projects such as I Love Dick, Halt And Catch Fire and Carrie. This Is Jane will also be produced by Peter Heller, who initially optioned the original book with Loflin and began developing the script.


The book in question is Laura Kaplan‘s nonfiction The Story Of Jane: The Legendary Underground Feminist Abortion Service. The story follows a Chicago woman who founded and maintained the underground abortion service, “Jane”, which consisted of a group of women who taught themselves how to perform abortions in the years before the famous Roe v. Wade case that made abortion legal in 1973.


From 1968-73, the group incredibly helped over 11,000 women by providing safe abortions that were denied by the medical establishment, while also providing health education and counselling.


Peirce is a terrific talent that should help hone this story that deserves to be told to a wider audience into a great film.



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