King Combs And Future Team Up For New Single ‘Holdin Me Down’ | Music News


Diddy’s son King Combs and Future have teamed up to for their latest release titled “Holdin Me Down”, the tune is a romantic melodic rap song that is different from Future’s usual style however it still sounds very smooth, with production from TrePounds, DY Krazy, TM88 and Southside.


I believe there is a high demand in the rap scene for love tunes by the biggest names, only a few such as Drake rap nice things about woman and celebrate the love between them, while the majority are rude when mentioning women, obviously we understand that the rap star image evolves around money, partying and having many different woman, anyhow “Holdin Me Down” is a delight.


The track sees Future rapping about “Stayin’ true, you my wifey. You know I’ma have you icy. You ain’t gon’ find another one, can’t find nobody like me. Keepin’ it exclusive, don’t be caught up in these games. Don’t worry about these groupies, come with the money and fame. I’m keepin’ my word, ain’t no need for playin’ games. Me holdin’ you down, I just want you to do the same“.


This new track from 22-year old King Combs comes straight after his latest 90s Baby mixtape and the Cyncerely, C3 EP. He has indeed been very present in the rap world recently and his tunes are sick, backed by amazing production and he raps with confidence probably because of his father’s influence.


Watch the video for “Holdin Me Down” below:




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