King Krule Performs ‘Live On The Moon’ | Music News


We already knew that he’s not from this planet. The 23-year-old musician Archy Marshall, aka Edgar the Beatmaker, aka DJ JD Sports, aka Zoo Kid, aka one of many other monikers, aka (best known as) King Krule, has just shared a 30-minute film, where he’s performing with a band on the surface of the moon.


Directed by Molten Jets, the short film includes live versions of eight songs from artist’s latest album The OOZ, starting with “Dum Surfer“, “The Locomotive” and finishing with “A Slide In (New Drugs)“.


It’s incredibly hard to define the genre of King Krule’s music, so let’s not even bother. Let’s just let him take us on a journey to the moon. Watch below, how comfortable this Ron Weasley-lookalike feels wearing a spacesuit:




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