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Kirby Lauryen is a rising star who will not take long before she reaches the stages worldwide. Growing up and listening to the sounds of Otis Redding, Gladys Knight, and Isaac Hayes, she took all the best from them to make her own music. Not only has she been singing since an early age, but she is a full fledged artist and most importantly, a storyteller.


She has reconfirmed her talent as a powerful storyteller with her latest song “Don’t Leave Your Girl”. In fact, to tell the story of this song, the R&B songstress took inspiration directly from herself – her desperately in love self and, at the same time, her secure self. She showed two sides that are present in every woman, proving to her scheming lover that she isn’t one to break up a relationship.


As she said about the song:”I want ‘Don’t Leave Your Girl’ to be a self-love anthem for the woman who finally knows what she wants in a relationship, and refuses to settle for less“.


Some secure drums and soulful guitars open the scene for the voice of Kirby, who with her soul simplicity is able to melt soul and country in a new kind of melody. Touching the deepest notes, she will bring you immediately to then 90s, when Amy Winehouse CD was in every stereo. “I ain’t no prescription for your issues!” her soft voice sings while she perform in her 90s video clip.


Watch the video for “Don’t Leave Your Girl”:




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