Kirko Bangz + Ye Ali – Go First | New Music

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Kirko Bangz + Ye Ali – Go First | New Music

Kirko Bangz 26.02.2016ANDREW


Southern rapper Kirko Bangz has returned. He is back with his new effort, “Go First”, featuring Ye Ali, and with production duties handled by Xo. It is like a laidback ballad you would associate with the West Coast of yesteryear, mixed, seemingly, with a touch of expressive bass melodies and autotune.


The latter mixes well with those G-Funk keyboard lines, very electronic and futuristic. There is a brief and curious middle section, taking the song to another place. The vocals are just as easy going, with a singsong style that, like the autotune, suits the backdrop. The closing moments elect to let the instrumentation breathe before a fade out.




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