Kojey Radical + PW + Sasha Keable – Gallons | Music Video

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Kojey Radical + PW + Sasha Keable – Gallons | Music Video



London based musician, spoken word poet, and visual artist, Kojey Radical, has released his newest single, entitled “Gallons”, that premiered on Daze which is produced by Greatness Jones, and features UK rapper, PW, and singer songwriter, Sasha Keable.


Gallons addresses the issues of class and race effectively given the nature of the subjects involved.


Radical explains that “gallons is a uniting of class, it’s a collaboration of struggle. The conversation doesn’t die when you kill us”.


Kojey Radical began writing poetry four years go, then a year later he turned it into music. His flow and wordplay remain important as his distinctive with the way he says the lyrics in his pieces as they are similar to that of a rapper.


However, Radical prefers not to be deemed a rapper and quotes “I don’t rap, I write poems, the music comes after”.




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