KOPS – Sorry Not Sorry | Music Video


20-year-old Oskar Kops Kronback, or just KOPS, brings disco groove to the supermarket in his new music video for “Sorry Not Sorry”.


The clip was produced by Red Bull Music, which is a great opportunity for artists starting their career. Even if the scenes with energy drinks exposed is an obvious advertising, the video itself is entertaining and easy to watch.


This young artist can be described as a DJ, singer, composer, director, skateboarder and even a dancer, having in mind his distinctive dance moves shown in the video.


I like to do the satire stuff, but with intelligence”, KOPS says about his work. Specifically about the newest track, Oskar says that this is “a song about a young man who’s madly in love with a girl. But he doesn’t know what to do because she already has a boyfriend and also she’s way too busy pushing boundaries with sex, alcohol, small-time crime, etc. And all our main character wants is to take things as they come”.


The Copenhagen-based singer is a member of Official Music Dk – a collective of a few talented Danish artists and producers, who create together and call themselves a music family.


Despite a successful start in the country, Oskar is not planning to stay in one place, so let’s hope this young creator is going to write more and reach wider audience all over the world.


Watch this funky youngster riding a trolley in his video for “Sorry Not Sorry” below.




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