Kristen Stewart & Ben Foster To Star In William S. Burroughs Project | Film News


Kristen Stewart and Ben Foster will star in a drama about famed Beat Generation writer William S. Burroughs. Foster will also direct the as-yet-untitled drama, marking his directorial debut.


The film explores an unusual love triangle between Burroughs, his charismatic muse Joan Vollmer, and a straight-laced American expatriate who upends their lives. Foster is Burroughs, Stewart is Vollmer, while Tom Glynn-Carney will play the American expat.


Burroughs, a noted heroin addict, killed Vollmer in a 1951 shooting accident in Mexico City. Two years later he achieved success with his first novel, Junkie. He soon became known as one of the best writers of his generation, best known for Naked Lunch.


Foster will direct from a script co-written with Oren Moverman. It will be based on Burroughs’ early works. Celluloid Dreams has acquired the international sales rights and will shop the film at the Cannes Film Festival.


“Our film is kind of anti-Beat. We meet our star-crossed lovers in New York City, head to the Texas border, roar through Mexico City’s underbelly, and end up in the Amazon jungle”, Foster said. “This film is about love, sex and self-discovery in all of its lush, dark and often hilarious complexity”.


Foster has always been an underrated actor who often appeared in commanding supporting roles. However, over the last few years he’s found success as a leading man with starring roles in indie films such as Hell Or High Water and Leave No Trace. Seeing him flex his directorial muscles should allow him to showcase his talents even more.


Stewart has totally reinvented herself since being unfairly branded as the morose Twilight girl early in her career. She’s now known for her unique roles in acclaimed films like Personal Shopper, Certain Women, and Still Alice. Seeing her and Foster collaborate on a film about one of the most enigmatic writers of all time is something worth getting excited for.



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