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A brand new makeup brand is out now! We are always excited to see what the beauty world has to offer and this time, Priyanka Ganjoo is taking center stage with her beauty brand Kulfi Beauty, that is made to celebrate South Asian women, like herself.


The brand name is a type of South Asian ice cream, and that’s how the slogan goes ‘It’s sweet to be Kulfi‘. The goal for the brand is to really express that region of the world through makeup and creativity because in the beauty world many brands have tried to use their culture but haven’t got the right recipe.


For the moment, the brand has launched a few products but of great quality, a range of different colored eyeliners that are infused with aloe vera and vitamin E, as well as headbands. It is all about having a playful brand and giving the ability to the consumers to create more and more looks.


According to Ganjoo, :And Kulfi is also colorful, creamy, and full of texture. I want beauty to feel like a playground — that kind of carefree experience I had when I was eating that ice cream”. Even though she is creating and launching a brand during a pandemic, Ganjoo is confident about the future of her new journey.


Regarding Ganjoo herself, she has been in the makeup industry long before launching her brand but had never taken the risk to create her own brand. She has been helping others to grow and expand their brands, and Ganjoo took the decision to develop Kulfi because South Asians are not well represented in the world.


Whether it was the skin tones, the color palettes, or the models fronting the brands, the representation was never enough for Ganjoo, so after two years in the making, she finally comes out with her vision of a South Asian beauty brand. Her products are made in a traditional way and especially to complement dark skin tones.


Ganjoo has so much more to come for her brand so we are excited to see what this new brand has to offer to the beauty world. Check out some of the brand’s eyeliner work and models below.




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