Kwabs – Cheating On Me | Music Video

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Kwabs – Cheating On Me | Music Video



The London based soul artist Kwabs has just dropped his emotionally moving music video for track “Cheating On Me”. This song is taken from his debut album Love + War, released last September. This song and video tackles the guilt which inharmoniously comes with the act of being unfaithful to your loved one. This beautifully sung track tries to visually present the sombre theme as Kwabs relives his self-inflicted pain whilst he stares into the mirror at his own reflection.


Kwabs states: “I wanted to make a one shot video, where all the viewer sees is the scene in front of them and they get locked into the world it creates. The concept of the video was that there were two versions of myself, one version that does bad things and the other that has to face what he’s done – literally taking a long hard look in the mirror. When I wrote this song with Jimmy Napes we wanted to tell that story; that sometimes when we hurt the ones we love, we hurt ourselves too – and so Cheating On Me was born”.


Click below to view the music video for “Cheating On Me”




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