Kwamz – Millionaire | New Music

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Kwamz – Millionaire | New Music


Young London-based rap artist Kwamz has just released his new single “Millionaire” on Soundcloud.


“Millionaire” is a strong and harsh song and the artist is not afraid to shout to the world about how growing up in a ruthless city is difficult for a young man. The artist tells without fear, the story of his personal growth and his fight to overcome endless challenges.


“I just want to be another rich millionaire” is the phrase that Kwamz repeats throughout the track as gaining wealth and being able to provide for himself is his ambition and what drives him to fight.


Although the journey to becoming a millionaire has only begun, Kwamz believes in trusting his own ambition and remains driven to succeed. Listen to Millionaire from Kwamz below.




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