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London-based art-pop trio, KYOTI, have announced their new single, entitled “Chimera”. Apparently lead singer, Ed Burgon, was inspired to write the track after reading about the death of Carole Lombard, actor Clark Gable’s third wife. This follows “Curved Edge, Straight Line” in July and debut, “Cave In”, in May.


“Chimera” opens with what sounds akin to crackling of vinyl on a stylus, before sedate, organ kicks in. Then the vocals, just as mournful, softly spoken yet soaring, rear their head. The click and clap of drum help build a cacophony of busy soundscape.


The midpoint strips everything back, ringing organ and percussion set against the vocals of “I’m living on, I’m living on/Borrowed time”. This then reaches for the skies, the track louder and more dramatic than ever.




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