LA Based Duo Follies & Vices Release Their New Single ‘Gold’ | Music News


Indie duo Follies & Vices have recently released their new single “Gold”, which is the first song from the track list of their first EP The Art Of Letting Go, which came out on March 18.


Follies & Vices are comprised of long-time friends Rob Auerbach and Tanner Houghton. They originally come from Seattle but two years ago they decided to jump on their van and drive south all the way to Los Angeles, where they are currently based.


Their music has been described as fun, playful, groovy and hopeful, even though if you listen carefully to the duo’s lyrics you will recognize undertones of heartbreak and tragedy, which make their tracks a great mix of feel-good and thought-provoking. To cite one of the many positive critics Follies & Vices received, BuzzMusic stated that their music is “an infectious hybrid of hip hop and pop”.


The LA based duo have already dropped independently the singles “Red Wine”, “Don’t Hold Back”, “Wake Up” and “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me”, before releasing their debut EP The Art Of Letting Go.


Gold” is the first track of the album and with its pulsating rhythm, catchy hip hop beats and indie vibes mixed with meaningful lyrics, it has all it takes to become one of your favourite new songs on your playlist.


Listen to it here:




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