LA-Based Duo Good Rzn Release New Single ‘Patience’

An old-school sound of electric guitar and a strong romantic female voice that sings about provoking lyrics. This is the essence of “Patience”, the new song by Good Rzn, an eclectic duo based in LA that, following four singles released in the past year, keeps gifting the public with alternative pop music.

The powerful combination of guitar, melodic vocals, and thought lyrics was released on September 3, continuing the positive feedback and reaction obtained by both fans and the press before.

For instance, about their previous single “Rebound”, DiscoverNu claimed: “they have delivered a more upbeat pop style and reflective tone while maintaining anthemic guitar riffs and an infectious catchy vocal hook”.

While Earmilk said: “There’s clear creative chemistry at work between the Angelinos that manifests itself through their two nearly perfect alternative-fueled pop ballads. Any spin of the singles just makes one crave what the duo has coming next”.

“Patience” is the result of two talented artists, vocalist Josie Molasky and producer Tommy Ghirardini, who grew up surrounded by a music environment that has nourished their passion for this art over time.

Good Rzn’s style has been inspired by famous singers and music artists that blend elements of the rock genre with modern electronic music and production. “Patience” is a song that aims at sharing experiences and feelings and it wants to connect the band with the public.

Discussing their new song, Josie and Tommy said: “’Patience’ is an important song to us because it refers to a meaningful notion that is applicable to not only our life but to other people’s experiences as well. The lyrics talk about lessons we’ve had to learn and can be looked at as a reminder that good things take time”.

All the premises are good for the Good Rzn duo, which keeps making an impact on the music world, pushing limits and establishing itself as one to watch.

Listen to “Patience” on Spotify.


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