LA-Based Pop Artist Jack Fargo Returns With New Single ‘Wobble Shake’

The third song by LA-based pop singer Jack Fargo is titled “Wobble Shake”, in partnership with the upcoming rap-pop musician Wes Period.

“Wobble Shake” is a smooth song that is full of energy and showcases Jack’s genre-defying style as he captures the feeling of dancing and letting go. The chorus of the song creates a mantra of wobbling and draws attention to Jack’s clever freestyle skills before cutting to Wes Period‘s verse.

Wes Period shares on the track, “Honestly, the word ‘rump’ just really needed its day in the sunlight. A term that’s given us so much cultural gold has just not been given its flowers in the digital age. That changes today.”

For this tune, Jack collaborated with producer Jayden Seeley (Zach Hood, Ryan Oakes), adopting a novel approach to production with a pop twist for the vocal melody, a la Tai Verdes & WizTheMc.

Additionally, Jack’s Instagram clip showcasing his most recent hit, “Broke,” has received over 570K likes and over 13 million views, making it one of the most popular posts right now.

On “Wobble Shake,” Jack shares, The night we made ‘Wobble Shake; – magic was in the air in Jayden’s backyard studio. We had originally started the night writing some type of love song as I remember it. Wes and I were on the couch, working on the first verse, while Jayden was playing with the drums of this so-called “love song.”

Listen and enjoy the new release “Wobble Shake” below!


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