LA Based Singer And Producer Erez Releases Brand New Single ‘Dance It Away’

Queer female artist and producer Erez has just released her new single called “Dance It Away”, a sexy slow-burner with a late-night beat. The song, produced by Erez and Dante Marinelli, floats in a realm where late-night dance parties and heady self-reflection intertwine.

Dancing is one of the only moments where I’m truly able to clear my mind“, Erez says as she shares the theme of the song, having written it for a person whom she was deeply in love with and she dedicates her song to those sitting in their pain.

Erez’s upbringing is unique – NYC born, Israeli-raised and now L.A. based. This afforded her an opportunity to embrace a worldly sound. Her passion for music went into the nightlife scene and she found herself constantly dancing late into the night, lost in her own world. She even tried her own hand at DJ-ing, something that influenced her desire to self-produce and engineer and has influenced how she makes music.

As a woman, I didn’t want to feel like I had to rely on anyone to get my records done. I feel like producing my own music has given me complete sonic freedom to execute my vision to the max of my ability in the moment I’m creating“, she explains.

The musical landscapes I carve out are unique and feel like me. I’ve been lucky enough to never have a voice in my head of ‘will they like it’ while creating. I only create what I love and enjoy listening to“.

About the single, “Dance It Away”, which is described as giving you a trance-like-effect and pulling you into a space where you can choose to escape or feel it all, she adds: “I’m so deep into dance and the journey it takes you on“.

Erez goes to explain that “I love the sexiness of it, I love the passion behind it, I love the energy it creates between people, I love the speed, I love the intention in every movement I make when I dance, I love the improvised choreography and the freedom of the moment.

People are happy when they dance. They’re not judgmental. They’re in tune with their bodies and chemicals. They want to fuck. They want to scream. They want to reach out and in. Dancing is therapy. Mind-body connection. Somatic healing“.

Listen to “Dance It Away” here:


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