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It’s no secret that, where there is live EDM, there are also drugs, but following the overdose of two teenagers at the recent HARD Summer event, LA county have begun to consider stronger means to ensure the “safety of those attending these events“. In 2010, LA country issued a “rave task force“, a security team who would attempt to prevent excessive drug use at any LA event; and in 2011, a bill was passed that required any event with over 10,00 people to be attended by state law enforcers.


It has recently come to light that whilst also exploring a stronger means of protection for festival-goers, LA county have been in serious discussion about banning EDM based music events based on county lands altogether. In light of these discussions, the most prominent idea is to create a stronger presence of authorities at such events, as well as prohibiting not just drugs, but also alcohol at EDM raves.


Following the deaths of Tracy Nguyen and Katie Dix at HARD Summer, festival organizers Live Nation have agreed to cancel their event HARD Presents a Night at the Fairplex, which was due to take place on September 10. Whatever the future for the LA EDM scene, it is certain that all events will be missing a considerable amount of gurning faces, hour long bar ques for water bottles and people convinced that you’re kindred spirits.



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