LA Indie Duo RINCS End The Year with ‘Lonely With You’

Introducing Los Angeles indie duo rincs, made up of Rebecca Ramirez and Bjorn Winberg who met in 2018 and bonded over their love of the same music and authors. rincs is the heavily DIY band project from Rebecca and Bjorn that is built heavily around Ableton, and over the years, they have rolled out multiple EPs and singles, leading up to their new single “Lonely With You”.

The duo have been writing and recording music non-stop through the pandemic and “Lonely With You” is one of the first fruits of their efforts over the past two years, featuring Cindy Gooden on bass and Mathew Pelton on drums. The song is described as an ambitious and harmonically complex ode to the ambiguous shifting feelings inherent in close human relationships.

The band use the chorus to give listeners two messages that they can interpret for themselves. With the main lyric “I’m not wasting my time being lonely with you” suggesting an exit statement or a positivity-mindset mantra, or could it be both or somewhere in between?

Speaking about the inspiration behind their new single “Lonely With You”, rincs say, “Made in Ableton Live with a full band and plenty of coffee. Yorke-ish cerebral synth swells in the verses give way to harmonically complex Mitski and/or Bjork-inflected choruses, the lyrics of which feature a meaning that shifts depending on the listening angle.

Drummer given latitude to tastefully indulge his Deerhoofy instincts. Ending builds from a whisper to a key-modulating maximalist crescendo because yolo. Sometimes we try to write and record songs quickly, but that didn’t happen here; it’s a song we put a lot of sublimated time and energy into“.

Listen to “Lonely With You” below:


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