LA Newcomer Dava Unveils New R&B Single ‘Right Time’ | Music News


Singer and songwriter Dava has released her new R&B tune and second single “Right Time”.


Dava’s style is an amalgamation of neo-soul, alternative, indie and classic R&B tunes. She grew up between Texas and Oklahoma, spending much of her life being raised by her grandmother after her mother passed away when she was eight years old. For her music always was a way to deal with problems and to escape. Through that she taught herself to write music at a very young age.


The now Los Angeles-based musician gained first attention with SoundCloud tracks and picked up acclaim from the likes of Wonderland, Lyrical Lemonade, Elevator and more.


Now she is focusing on her upcoming EP titled Sticky which will be released via Sony’s Disruptor Records this year. “Right Time” offers a glimpse into this project and also shows a new side of the newcomer.


This song is likely going to be received as being very different from my first single “ASOS”, but that is exactly what I want people to expect from me” the artist explains. With “ASOS” Dava made it into the Spotify playlist New Music Friday US.


Her new single comes with sweet vocals and relaxed beats. “I strongly believe in making music that resonates with how I feel at the time, without the limitations of continuity or genre. I wrote this song for someone special. Someone that made me feel like it was the right time for love” Dava explains. Listen to “Right Time” below.




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