LA Rapper And Producer Jevon Releases ‘Can’t Breathe’ | Music News


LA rapper and producer Jevon has just released his new single titled “Can’t Breathe” in solidarity with the current protests all around the world for justice for George Floyd who was killed by the police recently.


Speaking about the inspiration behind his new track “Can’t Breathe”, Jevon says, “As an African American from Los Angeles County, California, Ive experienced first hand the profiling, harassment, and mistreatment at the hands of a corrupt justice system.


In light of the recent events (RIP George Floyd) that sparked protest and riots in every state in my country, I felt obligated to make a song from the prospective of Black person living in America. Im hoping that this song becomes big enough to become a voice for Blacks who feel silenced“.


With roots in both Los Angeles and Moss Point in Mississippi, Jevon’s music is characterised by west coast lyricism and southern/trap influenced beats. His formative years delivered a number of underground mixtapes before he formed his own independent label Seminar Music Group in 2011, soon after which, he released his debut album Friday in 2012.


2017 brought the release of his self-produced sophomore album Trap Saiyan, which was themed around the classic Dragon Ball Z anime and infused with Los Angeles street life, but he took a break from music, only just returning this year with his third album titled Trap Saiyan 2, and now the timely “Can’t Breathe”.


Listen to “Can’t Breathe” below:




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