Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper Perform ‘Shallow’ Together For The First Time | Film News


It’s safe to say that ‘Shallow’ became the unofficial song of 2018 (along with maybe ‘Three Lions’ over the summer when we genuinely thought it was coming home). Galvanising, with an undercurrent of emotional frustration and longing for something meaningful, not to mention a chorus that you can scream from the top of your lungs, the freshly Oscar nominated song is one of several smash hits from Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born.


As Lady Gaga has said at many a press-conference, “there can be a room of one hundred people and ninety-nine of them won’t believe in you but all it takes is one who does”. After the commercial and critical success of A Star Is Born, the ninety-nine people are definitely kicking themselves, while Cooper and Gaga have become an artistic duo to be reckoned with- and have formed a beautiful friendship.


Last night at her Las Vegas residency entitled Enigma, Gaga called that one person on stage for the duet we’ve all been waiting for…


“So a really good friend of mine…I don’t know if you know him but his name is Bradley. He made that movie, ummm, ‘A Star is Born’. So I’m gonna be a little chance-y…Yo Bradley, you wanna come up and do this one?”


Anyone who saw the film and needed to lie down for a few hours after (me) thought this performance was everything and more. After the announcement that only two of the five Oscar nominated songs would be included in the awards ceremony- ‘Shallow’ and ‘All the Stars’ (Kendrick Lamar and SZA) from Black Panther, we’re lucky to be able to see it again.


Others like ‘The Place Where Lost Things Go’ from Mary Poppins Returns, ‘I’ll Fight’ from RBG and ‘When a Cowboy Trades His Spurs’ from The Ballad of Buster Scruggs have been rumoured not to be included.




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