Lady Gaga And Sexual Assault Survivors Get Matching Tattoos | Music News

Lady Gaga


At this year’s Oscars, Lady Gaga performed “Til It Happens To You” amongst dozens of people who, like her, had experienced sexual assault. The song acted like glue that brought everyone together, but they also did something more permanent to strengthen the bond.


Before the performance, Gaga’s emotions hit. Hard. Speaking to Sirius XM, Gaga remembers: “I was crying, my body hurt… I suffer with chronic pain [and] I get so paralysed with fear that my body hurts”. To remind Gaga that she wasn’t alone, one of the survivors suggested getting matching tattoos, which they did!


Gaga’s interview gives the gripping performance a deeper passion, and reminds us all of the strength that comes in numbers.


See the new tattoo below:



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