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With it quickly nearly becoming time to check into American Horror Story: Hotel with the release date being announced as October 7. During an FX press tour with members of the cast, show creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk let us in on some details of the next series. Murphy revealed the idea of the theme for the series came from a viral video that came out a few years ago, of surveillance of a little girl in a hotel lift who was never to be seen again.


Details of the characters that would centre around the fifth season were also revealed; Lady Gaga will play the hotel owner Elizabeth, she is described as being a “wealthy social doyenne” and will concoct a ‘wicked’ plan in the first episode. Murphy also described Elizabeth to be bisexual having relationships with multiple characters of each gender.


Sarah Paulson, the only actress whose characters have survived every season of American Horror Story, will play a ‘nasty’ and ‘vile’ drug addict called Sally who lives at the hotel, she added that her character hates Kathy Bates’ character but has a friendship with newcomer Wes Bently’s character. Kathy Bates will play Iris who also hates Sally but will have relationships with both Wes Bently and Matt Bomer’s characters.


Returning from his first appearance in Freak Show, Matt Bomer will play Donovan who will have close relationships with Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates and Finn Wittrock especially describing he will have “interesting relationships with lady folk“. Angela Bassett will play an actress who doesn’t live in the hotel but visits often, she will also be in competition with Matt Bomer, both being love interests of Lady Gaga’s character.


Another possible love interest will be Finn Wittrock, who is a male model and is always looking for the next high, stating Gaga will see “all of him“. Also returning after being absent since series two Chloe Sevigny will play a mother and a doctor who has to deal with a great loss in her family. She is the wife to Wes Bentley’s character, a detective who is brought to the hotel after investigating a collection of gruesome murders.


Newcomer Cheyenne Jackson will play Drake, who is described as a fashion icon who moves from New York to LA and is trying to reinvent his career. Jackson described him as being a father as well as being a little bit desperate. Denis O’Hare will play a character inspired by the works of Liv Taylor, he described how he shaved his head and other body parts for the film.


Show creator Brad Falchuk added that O’Hare will also play a character in the LGBT community, a theme they will explore more this season. Many will be keeping a close eye on this season being the first, to not star the insanely talented Jessica Lange, who was usually the highlight of every season. American Horror Story: Hotel will premiere on FX on October 7.



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