Lakna – Shelter | Music Video


21-year old Swiss musician Lakna is to release his debut EP titled Patchwork on November 15, but in the meantime, she has shared one of her singles titled “Shelter”.


She is based Geneva where she made it to the semi-finale of their equivalent of The Voice in 2016. After several concerts in her country, she starts the recording of her first album in Gregory Kropf and Filipe Costa’s studio, also contributing to the arrangements of the songs, alongside Greg Meige (Bass), Arnaud Frossard (Guitar) and Gaetan Guelat (Drums). And what a mix.


Lakna is 21, an age at the crossover of teenage hood and adulthood. And that what she tries to explain in her lyrics. She questions herself and her experiences with love and feminist issues.The young singer keeps going into what she can do by melting pop, R&B, and soul.


On her single “Shelter”, she offers a confident song that sticks in one’s head. It’s incredible how many tones she can deliver in less than one minute. The track talks about the feedback of an ending relationship, describing the feeling between unconditional love and realising who her lover really is. The lyrics are honest but still witty. She appeared like a confident and proud woman who accepts she was wrong without lying on was she first felt, but it’s far from a sad song.


On the contrary, it’s a rhythmic and cheerful production; It’s bombastic. Watch the video here:




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