Lana Del Rey Contributing Two New Songs To Tim Burton Movie ‘Big Eyes’ | Music News


Lana Del Rey will contribute two tracks to Big Eyes, a forthcoming Tim Burton movie starring Amy Adams. Del Rey co-wrote “I Can Fly”, which will appear during the credits, and “Big Eyes”, the title track that will play mid-film. Both songs are aimed to portrait the psychological state of Margaret Keane, the American artist whose 1950s and 1960s paintings of big-eyed children were falsely credited to her then-husband.


The movie’s producer Larry Karaszewski told The Hollywood Reporter that, “Tim showed her the film and she fell in love with it. Women in particular seem to get the movie, and Lana really got the movie. The whole thing is about a woman who can’t find her voice. Lana’s song expresses what Margaret is feeling so perfectly, it’s like a soliloquy of her inner thoughts”. Big Eyes hits theaters on December 25. Listen to Del Rey’s title track below, and watch the trailer of the movie underneath.





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