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Atlanta based duo Larkin Poe are a true testament to talent running in the family, as Rebecca and Megan Lovell, who are the sisters that make up the band, are the descendants of tortured artist and creative genius Edgar Allen Poe, and never has this been more explored, than on their forthcoming debut album Kin which is set for release on the 25th of August via RH Music.


The stunning and multi talented Larken Poe sisters also come bearing a brand new single entitled “Crown of Fire”, the first single to be taken from that album. The new track is grittier and edgier then the girls’ previous work and shows a fresh new style that we haven’t seen before, but the girls have not changed completely as they are still bringing those stunning, folky and captivating vocals and melodies we were so fond of before.


Rebecca and Megan have experimented and explored an array of styles and genres in the past but with the sound of their new single and the rest of the album, it seems they have pieced it all together so beautifully to create their own unique and personal style, and it is brilliant to see the girls have found their true voice, and boy does it sound good. Check out “Crown of Fire” right here.




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