Latin American Rising Star Alus Releases New Single ‘Money Dance’

LA based artist Alus has released a new single titled “Money Dance”.

“Money Dance” was produced by Dubai-based beatsmith Shyy Beats, and it begins with Alus in arrogant mode, as she rails against males who try to use their money to woo women. She’s too busy performing her “Money Dance” as Alus puts it, to give these men any attention.

Over a sliding bassline and thumping kicks, which give an ominous drill level to the lyrical R&B-tinged guitar backdrop, the music is driven by Alus’ appealing voice, irresistible melodies, and rebellious lyrics that celebrate women as providers about themselves and others

On this occasion, she said “The song is motivated by the notion that women are capable of self-sufficiency. ‘Money Dance’ is about women’s economic emancipation and how liberating it can be, as well as a festive song to applaud yourself for your hard work. Women should be proud of their financial achievements and should never have to rely on others to provide for them.

‘Money Dance’ was developed with the idea that you don’t have to show me your wallet to catch my attention. I am capable of earning my own money and supporting myself. We should be able to do our “Money Dance” to celebrate our own victories as women“.

Alus partnered with Mikey D’Amico on the musical score video for “Money Dance” bringing the R&Drill hit to life even more.

She stems from a lineage of talented musicians and has always been drawn to music, taking inspiration from her touring violinist grandmother who attended the revered Juilliard, and performed with Frank Sinatra’s Rat Pack.

Watch the music video for her “Money Dance” single here:


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