Laura Groves – Dream Story | New Music


“Dream Story” is the stunning new track from London-based singer/songwriter Laura Groves and it comes straight off her forthcoming Committed Language EP which is set for release via DEEK Recordings on the 16th of February. “Dream Story” is a rather surprising change in direction for the young artist as this new track is infused with subtle 80’s pop sounds. What is not surprising however, is that the song is utterly beautiful, and with Laura’s last Blue Roses LP released back in 2009, it is now great to see that she hasn’t lost her touch, and has just freshened things up. Laura’s new track charms and enchants the listener and completely captures your full attention with its warm sounding keys and her exquisite vocals that are so compelling, and if her upcoming EP is as beguiling as this song, then 2015 promises to be a great year for Laura. Check out “Dream Story” right here.




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