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Laura Jane Grace


Following the passing of North Carolina’s controversial House Bill 2, many musicians prorested by cancelling concerts they were scheduled to play in the state. Well, not Against Me!‘s front-woman Laura Jane Grace. Coming out as transgender in 2012, Grace had much to say in the form of an essay published on Vulture.


“If you’re a trans person living in North Carolina, it’s not like you have the option to be like, ‘You know what? I’m gonna boycott my state — I’m not going to work today. I’m not gonna shop at the store. So my solution was never gonna be, I’m just not gonna play in North Carolina.’ That’s ridiculous”.


Despite this confident statement, Grace was nervous, imagined herself and others as targets of violence and, feeling uncomfortable in public toilets at the best of times, felt a particular discomfort in North Carolina where it’s, you know, illegal for her to use the women’s.


Grace goes on to talk about what happened at the show (including burning her birth certificate), song lyrics that foreshadowed her transition, and fighting against ignorance.


It’s a compelling essay, and could be one of the best “screw you”s to House Bill 2.



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