Lauv Releases ‘Bracelet’ And ‘Paranoid’ Ahead Of Upcoming Project | Music News


The American singer and songwriter, Lauv has released two new songs, “Paranoid” and “Bracelet” from his upcoming project titled I Met You When I Was 18, which he defined as “the first chapter of Lauv music and story. Being lost, being in love for the first time. This is a story and I’m still piecing it together. I will add new songs as I do”.


“Bracelet” is a soft indie pop song that incorporates a plethora of electro sounds in the beginning and is filled with bass. The song is about the feeling you have when you break up yet you want to start again with the very same person. “Paranoid” is a synthpop song that starts very soft but builds into a crescendo by the chorus, including a catchy mid-tempo bass.


I Met You When I Was 18 is expected to be released on May 31 and you can listen the new songs below:






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