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Lea Porcelain have just returned from the recording studio with a new single “Sink Into The Night”. The Berlin based post-punk duo is featured by producer Julien Bracht and vocalist Markus Nikolaus and the strong connection which bounds them musically.


Furthermore, they met only six years ago in a nightclub in Frankfurt, but it is in Berlin, few years after their encounter, where they’ll refuge to find their musical inspiration in their recording studio. Performing from the States to St. Petersburg, they developed an impressive musical maturity that allowed them to grow through  outstanding experiences on stage.


Moreover, even if they have already attracted international attention, their production does not end there. Now they are working in their Frankfurt studio to focus on writing their second album due out in 2020. This will be their last work before the next album, in fact “Sink Into The Night” ends the music production of their year and announces the new GSA tour dates.


Their sound cuts the edge of indie music and unveils unexpected melodies. In “Sink Into The Night” their dreamy voices will make you fly high, beyond expectations. Drawing on everything they need from post-punk, indie and garage rock influences, their guitars evoke heavy electronics, following an ambient sound wave.


Listen to the single below:




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