League Party Leader Matteo Salvini Attacks New Italian Government At Pontida | Politics

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League Party Leader Matteo Salvini Attacks New Italian Government At Pontida | Politics


On the 15th of September, the leader of Italy’s far-right League party Matteo Salvini showed up at the annual rally of the party at Pontida, Lombardy. Following the end of his 14-month government experience with the Five-Star Movement and after the surprising creation of a new government coalition between the Movement and the Democratic Party, Salvini confirmed his determination not to give up.


In front of thousands of supporters, Salvini, through his usual strong and direct language, accused the new left-wing government of being a “traitor” and servant of the European Union. According to the League leader, the new executive doesn’t have a clear and convincing political plan, since its only aim is avoiding new elections, which the right-wing coalition would probably win, according to latest polls.


Salvini has then added: “Those who thought that I would be worn out and need a break, I give my word of honour, I will work even more than before. I won’t give up because our country deserves everything. I’d rather concede seven ministry posts to traitors now, that we will win back with interest and transparency in a few months”.


Nonetheless, Prime Minister Conte, after attacking Salvini’s inefficiency as Interior Minister in the previous coalition, has declared his intention to deeply change the goals of the new government. For instance, he proclaimed a greater openness in the migration policy, and the 82 migrants that have recently arrived on the island of Lampedusa seem to represent a strong political change.



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