Legendary Acquires Film Rights To ‘Bitter Root’ Comics | Film News


Per Deadline, Legendary pictures has acquired the feature film rights to Bitter Root, the acclaimed horror action series published by Image Comics.


Set in 1924 against the backdrop of the Harlem Renaissance, a family of once-great monster hunters is the only line of defence that can protect New York City from an invasion by hideous monsters. However, the monsters were once human beings, before being transmogrified by a supernatural force feeding off of prejudice, spite, and bigotry.


The family has tracked the monsters for generations, and the surviving members are at each other’s throats over their differing tactical views. The family must overcome the wounds of the past to have any hope of thwarting the supernatural invasion.


Bitter Root has been a breakout success since the inaugural issue hit shelves last November. The critical response has been tremendous and a second printing was ordered just two days after the debut issue’s street date.


Series creators David F. Walker, Sanford Greene, and Chuck Brown will executive produce the eventual film adaptation. Image is also the publisher of such comics as The Walking Dead and Kick-Ass, and Legendary will be hoping for the same kind of success from the eventual Bitter Root adaptation.


With studios now developing comic book properties away from the superhero genre, Bitter Root has the potential to be a breakout hit. If the premise and originality that captured the interest of comic book fans so quickly can be transferred to a mass cinematic audience, Legendary will have a hot property on their hands.



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