Lena Headey To Adapt Children’s Horror Book ‘Scary Stories For Young Foxes’ | TV News


Scary Stories For Young Foxes, a children’s horror book by Christian McKay Heidicker, is being adapted into an animated mini-series.


Lena Headey, known for her role as Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones, will adapt, but also star in the project. Indeed, she has been lined up to voice a character in the adaptation. Headey’s company Peephole Productions will also take care of producing the adaptation, with Heidicker acting as executive producer.


The book has 8 different little stories, told by an old fox. In each of them, we follow two little foxes. Every time, they must extricate themselves from the unfortunate adventures in which they find themselves.


During our first meeting at Boat Rocker I was asked what I was interested in and we started talking about horror for kids, how there is a space for this, and not to shy away from putting stuff out there that’s dark and smart”, Headey said.


Kids aren’t daft, they know when we’re holding back the scary bits, so I’m so happy to be part of a great team to bring Christian’s book to life in a way that feels authentic.” she added.


Even if their target audience is very young, this does not prevent Scary Stories For Young Foxes from dealing with strong topics. Animal abuse, domestic violence or even prejudice towards disabilities are among the many topics discussed.


It leads to reflection for the youngest and through its tales, we discover why and how horror stories help us shape us as we grow. For a better immersion, these themes are underlined by creepy illustrations, which will also be found in the animation.



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