Lend Me Your Ear Teams Up With Casey Dion To Release ‘Luv EXP’ | Music News


Following their modest-hit single “Rainy Day” featuring Masta Ace, collecting ten thousands Spotify plays in three weeks, Lend Me Your Ear are back with a new single titled “Luv EXP”, featuring Casey Dion. This song is the third track released from Forbidden, the group’s sophomore album, which was dropped this Thursday November 14.


Lend Me Your Ear is a hip-hop group from Austin, Texas. Their previous works treated such topics as socioeconomics, hallucinations, love, lust, and loss. On the other hand, with Luv EXP the group search around, within, and beyond to try and answer the unanswerable. This atmospheric song features a catchy funky beat and rap parts.


The group originally planned to release a 17-track album, but then decided to collect the songs with more of a “love” vibe in Forbidden. On the other hand, the pure hip-hop tracks will be released separately in early 2020, featured in a new album titled The Art of Rap.


To celebrate the release of Forbidden, the group hosted a party at Austin’s Empire Control Room on November 14, with a full evening of special performers in support for the event, including Azurah Vibez and D-Madness.


While waiting for new live performance dates to be unveiled, listen to Lend Me Your Ear’s new single “Luv EXP” below:




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