Leon of Athens – Xenos | Music Video


London-based Timoleon Veremis, aka Leon of Athens, has just shared his second music video for the title-track from recently released album Xenos (meaning stranger). Created in collaboration with some leading Greek artists, the visuals feel like a short sci-fi thriller.


Like the previous video for his “Utopia“, which portrayed a surrealistic story of a romantic relationship between a man and a plant, this one is also set in an alternative universe, inspired by the popular Black Mirror series.


With the direction of Yiannis Dimoltisas and choreography of Rootlessroot, “Xenos” video features Leon of Athens himself in a team of scientists, running experiments on human subjects. The strangely beautiful imagery gradually evolves into an intense chase thriller-like climax and leaves you with an increased heartbeat.


Watch the cinematic visuals below:



Leon of Athens is currently on the tour, in support of his album. After the UK shows, he’s heading to USA. See all the tour dates and locations here.



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