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The Wolf of Wall Street star Leonardo DiCaprio has bagged another movie deal with an adaptation of Daniel Key‘s 1981 non-fiction book The Minds of Billy Milligan, which has been titled The Crowded Room. Leo will play the main role of Milligan, who was the first person to use mental illness as his defense for his crimes of robbery and the rape of three women in the 70’s. Astonishingly, Milligan was acquitted by saying the crimes were committed by two of his twenty four alternative personalities.


This sounds like a seriously dark, incredible story that only an actor like DiCaprio could approach with such conviction and commitment. Although Leo has been loosely attached to the project for nearly twenty years, it’s incredible to have any kind of confirmation at last! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Avatar director James Cameron had been previously linked to the project with John Cusack meant for the starring role. While Cameron and Cusack make a fine pair, I can totally see DiCaprio doing wonders with a role like this!


With a script from Jason Smilovic (Lucky Number Sleven) and DiCaprio’s own Appian Way set to produce, there’s been no confirmation as to who’s going to helm the project but I’m holding out for a powerhouse like Fincher or Scorsese! The entire premise sounds absolutely fascinating and completely tragic with Milligan having been abused as a child, leading to the development of twenty four different personalities. One of those being lesbian Adalana, who took responsibility for the rape charges. I absolutely cannot wait for more information on the film so watch this space!


Source: THR (via Joblo)



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