Leonardo DiCaprio Producing ‘The Sandcastle Empire’ | Film News


Fresh off the success of his role in The Revenant, Leonardo DiCaprio is now reported to be involved with an adaption of The Sandcastle Empire as a producer. Written as a novel by Kayla OlsenThe Sandcastle Empire is a dystopian story set in a future where society has been decimated by climate ramifications.


What remained of a government was overthrown by a radical faction called the Wolfpack. Enter the heroine of the piece, a young woman called Eden. Eden and three other girls escape from a work camp and flee towards an island that promises safety but along the way Eden begins to learn about her father and how she may be the key to bringing down the Wolfpack.


The novel contains all the tropes of young adult fiction but also ticks some boxes for DiCaprio, who has long been concerned with ecological issues. It now remains to be seen who DiCaprio, Appian Way (his production company) and the big studios choose to write, direct and star in The Sandcastle Empire. You never know, maybe this will be the new Hunger Games. That’s if it does well at the cinema, or even gets there in the first place.



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