Leonardo DiCaprio Wants To Play Vladimir Putin | Film News

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Leonardo DiCaprio Wants To Play Vladimir Putin | Film News


Leonardo DiCaprio: the man of a thousand faces. Some of those faces being Howard Hughes, J. Edgar Hoover, Arthur Rimbaud, Frank Abagnale, Jim Carroll, Jordan Belfort and Hugh Glass and all are equally memorable. Now the DiCaprio has mentioned another face he would like to portray on the silver screen, and it’s not one that would ever jump to mind: Vladimir Putin.


Speaking to the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag whilst promoting his latest film, The Revenant, DiCaprio spoke of his interest in the Russian President stating that he found him “very, very, very interesting” before adding: “I would love to play him.” He also expressed his opinion that Hollywood is missing out on an untapped resource of character studies when it comes to figures in Russian history:


I think there should be more films about Russian history because it has many stories worthy of Shakespeare. That is fascinating for an actor. Lenin also would be an interesting role. I would like also to star as Rasputin“. The thought of DiCaprio turning his masterful eye onto the psyches of the mad monk or the revolutionary leader is a tantalising prospect to say the least, and in a certain light they share similar features.


The Hollywood legend has referred to himself has half-Russian on previous trips to the country and Putin has referred to DiCaprio as a “real man“, so if he ever did want someone to portray him on the big screen, DiCaprio would no doubt have his blessing. Let’s face it, you could do worse. Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest turn has been in The Revenant where he plays Hugh Glass, a frontiersman on an epic journey of survival and revenge.


He has referred to the shoot as the most testing experience he has ever had as an actor and it seems all his suffering and daring have paid off as The Revenant has received endless praise, picking up 12 Oscar nominations along the way. DiCaprio is once again up for the Best Actor Oscar and he is the overwhelming favourite for the evasive award. We really do mean it this time, this is his year.




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