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Nothing gets me more than an amazing voice along with excellent songwriting, and that’s what we have here with New York City singer, songwriter and songwriter Libby Knowlton and her brand new single “Games“, which I absolutely adore! She describes her sound as alternative/indie but this song is purely acoustic and it will slot right in with your singer-songwriter music catalogue. In any case, it’s a winner!


Taken from her forthcoming sophomore EP, which is due later this year, the striking thing about “Games” is not just how rich Libby’s voice is on this track, but the songwriting immediately jumps out at you. From the opening line, “anyone can find you in a cliche cafe downtown and you’re reading a book you don’t understand“, you are already sucked in. The lyrics read like spoken word and if you know me, you know how much I love spoken word.


Speaking about her inspiration for “Games”, Libby says, “I wrote ‘Games’ about being confused as to why I was so in love with someone who was, for lack of better word, the worst. She was the most cliché human being on planet earth, constantly quoting literature she had just never read, and getting genuinely angry whenever someone wouldn’t ‘understand her’. Despite these poor qualities, I was still in love with her, which made me feel crazy, and I tried to capture that feeling in the song.


I wrote ‘Games’ in 10 minutes, as it was one fluid thought and I wanted to write it almost as an internal dialogue. It was a mix of every emotion I had felt throughout the relationship, but mostly the confusion of why I felt the way I did when there was honestly no reason to. ‘Games’ was a release of the constant questioning, and I finally just had an ‘AH HA’ moment where I said to myself, ‘you know what, she’s not worth it, I’m so done with her games’“.




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