‘Line Of Duty’: Series 3, Episode 1 | TV Review

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‘Line Of Duty’: Series 3, Episode 1 | TV Review

Line Of Duty


After two series Line Of Duty returns, and it means business. From the start there is no messing about which is how it should be after two series, the action is immediate from the off. It’s important to note that you in no way have to have watched the previous two series. I haven’t but could enjoy and follow the first episode easily. A few previous characters in the internal affairs team may need a quick google, but other than that, you’re good to go.


The Police anti-corruption unit from the previous series return and begin to investigate Sergeant Danny Waldron (Daniel Mays) and his armed response team. The beginning of the episode starts with Danny shooting an armed suspect. The viewer is in on the secret between the team and quickly see Danny is not a straight laced copper. It also becomes clear this is not a one off, and more rogue behaviour will no doubt continue.


As with most dramas this is a relatively complicated one. The new characters are the firearms squad and the regulars are internal affairs. This makes the programme familiar, but also fresh at the same time. It moves at a good old pace with plenty going on, and an unexpected twist at the end which noone will see coming!


Time will tell how strong performances are carried throughout each episode. Immediate stand outs are DC Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) and PC Rod Kennedy (Will Mellor). Although there are loads of programmes like this around, with Happy Valley just ending there will be a notable gap in most peoples TV regime.


“One thing we both know- easiest way to get away with killing someone, be a police officer”.



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